Networked Learning Project Plan

tom-wooden-bookcase-1I have decided to learn how to build a bookshelf for my networked learning project. Being a classroom teacher, there is never enough space to store my books, so why not learn how build a bookshelf to put in my classroom space?! I enjoy putting things together that start from nothing and using my toolbox. I am excited to begin the process of making something from just a few pieces of wood. 

After doing a quick search on Google, I have already discovered a ton of great resources that will assist me in accomplishing my goal.

The Family Handyman is a helpful ‘how to’ guide to building a bookshelf. They use photos to help make the directions come to life. This example is a fancier bookshelf than I had in mind, but it doesn’t hurt to set the standards high!

This YouTube video is also perfect for what my goal is. When I thought of this idea, I envisioned a very simple design. The woodworker in the video explains that this is a great design for beginners and it seems he goes through each step thoroughly. He also says right up front what tools I will need to begin building.

Ana White Blog‘s will also be a good tool for basic instructions on how to reach my goal. While briefly scrolling through this website, it is clear that Ana uses precise words and pictures to explain the directions. As a visual learner this really helps.

These are just three of the sources I have discovered to help me learn this new building skill. I am excited to get going on this project. Maybe after I’ll get to paint it too!

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