Part I: Overview

Part I: Overview

  • Detroit has the highest concentrated poverty rate among the top twenty five metro Detroit areas.
  • In metro Detroit, there are one in three adults who have low literacy skills.
  • Adults with low literacy are four times more likely to also have low levels of health.
  • Sixty percent of all children in Detroit live in a single parent household.

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These facts are a lot to absorb. But these facts are just a few reasons why Detroit needs help and so do its students.

Project Healthy Community is a non profit organization where the mission is to foster education and nutrition opportunities to enhance the wellbeing of families in-need in certain Detroit communities. They run an after school program at Schulze Elementary for K-4 students. They provide enrichment opportunities that focus on values, education, literacy and other activities.

This program provides relationships to students and assistance with homework. Unfortunately, they don’t have the proper technology to allow students to dig deeper within the concepts they learn during the school day or dig deeper into the real world. If new technology, such as Chromebooks are integrated, K-4 students at PHC’s after school program will be given the opportunity to change those tough statistics in the future.

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