Part V: Connection to Ed Tech

Although using technology isn’t the end all be all in education; our world is quickly changing and evolving into a world where we rely on it. Technology is taking over for humans; therefore, it is essential for young learners to grow up exposed to these technologies so they are prepared for the future. With that being said, students attending the after school program at Schulze should be exposed to Chromebooks to prepare them for real world experiences because they aren’t at home.

Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question, says that after age five students lose the sense of curiosity. Students are no longer pushed to explore or wonder.  We get too hung up in right answers and don’t feel comfortable being wrong. It is imperative to feel uncomfortable and fail. Without failure, we will never grow. If students at Schulze have the access to technology through Chromebooks, their possibilities are endless. Information learned throughout the school day can be enhanced and students can dig deeper. Creativity will flourish; students will be able to remix and feel more accomplished (Berger 2016).

Motivation is another key aspect of receiving Chromebooks at Schulze. Students will want to do activities on the computer without realizing they are even learning.

Chromebooks would bring a plethora of opportunities to Schulze Elementary Project Healthy Community after school program students ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade. Although this is a small number of students, the word would spread and other students would also want the chance to explore, create, wonder and learn.


Berger, W. (2016). A more beautiful question: The power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas. New York: Bloomsbury.

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