Google Classroom is a great tool for classroom teachers to use to post and grade assignments, communicate with students, have discussions between students and more. Google_Classroom_Logo.pngGoogle Classroom is affiliated with all Google Technologies making it easy for students to work on Docs, Sheets or Slides. A teacher can post assignments with due dates and send graded work back, all within the application. Another affordance about Google Classroom is that it makes copies of each assignment for each student, if you want it to, or students can collaborate in one document. Below you can see how much I love Classroom…because I dressed up as it! #Communication #Collaboration #Assessment

1200x630Remind is a one way texting application to send out important announcements to either parents or students if they are old enough. Remind is a useful tool in communicating with parents for quick reminders that do not require an email. Also, if students are old enough and have cell phones or tablets that can receive messages, a teacher can send out reminders of important information. A constraint of using this application is that you can only send messages of 140 characters or less. However, this application is easy to use and messages can be send from either a mobile device or computer. #Communication

imgres.pngTwitter. 160 characters or less. That could be an affordance or a constraint, depending on how you look at it. This application/website is easy to use and fun. Twitter allows you to make an account for free and you can tweet out -post- your thoughts to the Twitterverse.  You can follow others in your PLN (Professional Learning Network) and find great resources along the way. This is a great tool to get reminders out to students if they are old enough to have a twitter. #Communication


Kahoot! is a game that encourages competition, collaboration and creativity. Students can either create their own Kahoot or there are millions of already made quizzes. Nearly every day when students come into my classroom, they ask if they can play a Kahoot. With this interactive game, students will be engaged and want to learn more information so they can win. If my students didn’t get so crazy when we played, I would play it every day! Now Kahoot has a “teams” feature where students can collaborate! #Assessment #Collaboration

imgres-2Popplet is an easy tool to use for kids and adults. You can easily create graphic organizers with pictures and words that look enticing. In education today, collaboration is huge. Popplet created a way to allow groups of students to work together on one product. However, a constraint in using Popplet in a classroom more than once is that you can only create 5 organizers in one account. You can use this tool for brainstorming ideas, project planning or presenting information because it is so versatile. #Assessment

Just like Kahoot, students can play quiz games created by others or their teacher to help learn facts in a more fun way. Quizlet also lets you create flashcards on your own and play games with what you’ve just created. Students can also use Quizlet Live and compete while learning! It is easy to use and very effective! #Assessment #Collaboration

Google_Docs,_Sheets,_and_Slides_IconGoogle Technologies are a great tool for students to collaborate. Students can simultaneously work in one document, slides presentation or spreadsheet. Google is an ideal tool for group projects. A constraint Google has is that they don’t have all the features that Microsoft does; such as formatting with columns in docs. An affordance about Google is that it is easy to use, learn and teach with. Google has many other apps teachers and students can use such as Google Classroom, Drive, Gmail and so many others! #Collaboration #Assessment

imgresLino is a digital corkboard where students and teachers alike can post their thoughts and questions on sticky notes or share photos simultaneously. Unfortunately, Lino doesn’t reload automatically and you must refresh the page to see new posts. However, Lino allows you to choose your color sticky note to write whatever you need and it can also be used anywhere with internet. Students can use this as a visual representation of their ideas. I can see myself using this tool when I want my students to see their classmates opinions and talk about them. #Collaboration #Assessment


Ever want to make a quick slide show? Animoto is your tool. The program makes it easy to simply import photos and it automatically creates a slideshow for you. Animoto already has music on their site to play during your production. A potential constraint is that there is no voice recording too. You’ll have to use another application to record your voice. But for how easy it is to create a video, it’s worth it! #Creativity #Collaboration

Haiku Deck is great to make presentations imgresthat are visually appealing and easy to create. Students young and old can use Haiku Deck to present information in a simple way. Haiku Deck lets you use cool graphics that make presenting information more engaging and interesting. Although this website doesn’t allow you to tweak your own photos, there are other cool features that make up for it. #Creativity #Collaboration #Assessment is infographics made easy. Ever want to share and present information in a way that is interesting and visually appealing? has templates on their site for you to use and manipulate for your purpose. This website is user friendly and the products turn out great. After simply registering with your email, you can get creating. Learning a new tool can be difficult which can be a constraint of using I found that does not have as many options for icons and color variations. However, with patience, you can create posters, advertisements, presentations and many more visuals with this website. #Creativity #Collaboration

imgres.pngPiktochart is an infographic creator. Piktochart is really easy to use and has tons of options for backgrounds, colors, icons and more. This site offers pre made templates to edit or you have the option to create your own.  Once registering with your email, you can use Piktochart to make information you are presenting look beautiful – just like their slogan. I have made two infographics using this site and I am very proud of them. I can’t wait to teach my students how to use this website. The two infographics I created can be found by clicking on the titles #SayCircuits and Failure. #Creativity #Assessment


Powtoon is a video creator that brings real life and animation together. An affordance with this website is that you can create videos that will grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Unfortunately, learning a new video creating system can be tedious and PowToon can be sensitive to manipulating text and images. However, after working through this constraint, your audience’s engagement is a huge affordance. They will want to watch and learn more, no doubt! #Creativity #Collaboration #Assessment

Timgres.jpghingLink does just what the name says. Basically, you can link something to a thing. You can upload a photo to the website and attach links to different places on the image. I found ThingLink easy to navigate; however, I came across a few constraints. Most of the features on the website could only be used if you buy a subscription. This frustrated me because I wasn’t able to make my finished product exactly how I wanted it. I would definitely recommend using it, but be aware that your finished product might not be as high tech as you’d like it to be! Here is an example I created using ThingLink. #Creativity #Assessment #Collaboration

logoTagul is a word cloud generator that allows you to type in or import words to create a collage. Tagul has tons of fonts, colors and shapes to make your word cloud look interesting and creative. Because it is easy to use, it makes it simple for kids of all ages to design their collage. Tagul does have you make an account with an email, which may make it difficult for students who don’t yet have emails to generate their word cloud. Perhaps making a class email that students can use might make it simple to have a whole class work on their own thought or word collages. #Creativity #Collaboration #Assessment


Wunderlist is an easy to use tool to help with organization, planning and staying on task. I used this website and application for myself and my students. In lieu of an assignment notebook, I allowed students to use this app on their phone to help scaffold organization skills. Create to-do lists and put them into categories to keep your life organized. Add images, set reminders, include emojis and share lists on Wunderlist! #Organization

Images taken from the tool’s website. Click on the picture to start using it!

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